Clear Spray Adhesive

Among the manufacturers of clear spray adhesive are Elmer's, Krylon and 3M. Very useful for a variety of lightweight bonding tasks, clear spray adhesives are easily applied with an aerosol can. They do not bleed, they form a strong tack almost immediately, and with a low soak-in rate, they work well with both porous and non-porous surfaces. Clear spray adhesives can be used to affix paper, cardboard, foam and fabric to almost any surface. 

Clear Spray Adhesive Options

Many clear spray adhesives are for general, multipurpose use, whether to bond fabric with foam, make decorative hanging crafts or for other reasons. Some specialty spray adhesives are available for mounting photographs, foam core, etc. Repositionable spray adhesives give you some time to correct any errors you make in the joining of two surfaces. A strong tack is formed, but it does not fully cure for a while, giving you a chance to reposition whatever you are bonding.


Clear spray adhesives are water resistant. They will not stain or wrinkle most surfaces to which they are applied. Professional-grade photo mounting spray adhesives can be used for archival purposes, as old photos will not be damaged by the glue. Always apply clear spray adhesives in ventilated areas to avoid inhaling the fumes.