Clearance for Direct Vent Fireplaces Clearance for Direct Vent Fireplaces

A direct vent fireplace can be added to a home without needing to attach it to a flue. It is a great way to add the ambiance you are looking for from your fireplace. It is also a great way to help heat a room without having to worry about cleaning the flue or the base of the fireplace. If you are adding a direct vent fireplace, you need to know the clearances needed. Below is some useful information for the homeowner and the installer of the Fireplace

General Exhaust Pipe Clearances

When you install the direct vent fireplace, you must install it so that the exhaust pipe has a clearance of at least 1 inch all the way around. This is a very strict clearance requirement. Do not try to shorten this requirement. Pay attention to the manufacturer's specifications.

Zero Clearance Fireplace

Check your manufacturer's information because many of the newer fireplace units do not require any clearance at all. This means that you can install the fireplace with zero clearance needed to the combustibles of the fireplace. This makes for a very easy installation and it gives the homeowner a great deal of flexibility on location choices for their direct vent fireplace.

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