Climate for Grapefruit Trees (Citrus Paradisi)

The citrus paradisi or grapefruit thrives in a subtropical climate. The time it takes for the grapefruit to flower and then reach maturity is affected by differences in temperature.

Temperature and Places

These are some examples of how temperature differences affect the flowering and maturity of the citrus paradisi.

In Riverside, California it takes 13 months. In Brawley, California it takes 7 to 8 months because it is warmer there.

Climate and Acidity

The acidity of the grapefruit is lower when grown in southern Florida or in Texas in the region of the Lower Rio Grand Valley, as opposed to cooler regions. Some areas are considered marginal growing regions for grapefruit.

Northern Florida is a marginal area. The states on the Gulf of Mexico including Alabama, Texas, and Louisiana are also marginal growing areas.

Any region that experiences warm enough weather, yet also is susceptible to the occasional freeze is a limited area for growing grapefruit. The grower has to pick a site with care and it is best to choose the south side near a building to get some protection from the weather.