Climbing Roses that Tolerate Shade

Pink roses climbing over a fence.
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  • Intermediate
  • 10-100

Climbing roses are a long standing favorite of gardeners. Their old-fashioned charm and delightful fragrances are a must have for your garden, however if you have a shaded garden, you may find climbing roses difficult to grow. Here are a few varieties that may flourish in your garden. Be aware that no roses will grow in a deeply shaded garden that receives no sun either directly or indirectly. These roses will tolerate low light, which means four hours of bright light or less per day.

1. Shropshire Lad

A variety of Iceberg rose, it may be grown in a bunch or trained to vine or trail. It is a strong, healthy rose with a fruity scent and medium peach colorings.

2. Alberic Barbier

A rambling white rose. This rose can grow and spread up to 20 feet and has an evergreen like foliage.

3. Alchymist

craft supplies with grapevine wreath and yellow roses.

This is a summer flowering yellow rose. The blossoms will darken to a light orange as they age.

4. Alister Stella Gray

A repeat flowering rose, which is a popular feature for many gardeners. Flowers vary from a rich yellow to a rich pale cream color. It has a light fragrance.

5. Cecille Brunner

With blooms in sprays of blossoms of shell to light pink, it is a vigorous, repeat bloomer that will grow in a variety of conditions.

6. Danse du Fleur

One of the few red roses that can be grown in a shaded garden. It has trusses of double red blossoms that will repeat bloom throughout the growing season.