Clogged Bathroom Sink: 5 Repair Tips

A clogged bathroom sink needs to be fixed immediately. While it's usually not too difficult to repair a clogged bathroom sink, the task can be made easier by following a few tips and avoiding some common mistakes. It should only take a few minutes to take care of a clogged bathroom sink as most problems that will simply occur from dirt, grime and hair. Knowing the right way to take care of these issues means it doesn’t need to become a big problem.

1. Commercial Products

The marketplace is full of commercial products that claim they can clear a clogged bathroom sink. The problem is that a number of them contain chemicals that can be harmful to the pipes and to the watertable. If you plan on using a commercial drain cleaner, check it out very carefully first. Make sure there’s nothing harmful in the product before you pour it into your bathroom sink.

2. Plunger

You will need the right plunger for the job when you’re clearing a clogged bathroom sink. There are two types: one is round and the other is oval. You will need the round type which creates a firmer seal around the plughole. Only plunge two or three times before breaking the airtight seal. From here, you’ll be able to see how effective the plunger has been and whether the water in the clogged bathroom sink will drain.

Don’t repeat the cycle more than three or four times. If the plunger hasn’t done the job by then, it’s not going to work. Continuing after this point will only be fruitless and frustrating.

3. Vinegar

Before using a plunger, you can put ¼ cup of vinegar into the clogged bathroom sink. By itself, this can help to loosen the clog. An alternative to this is to take ¼ cup of baking soda and then add the ¼ cup of vinegar. Be aware that this will foam and can often clear the pipes without further action. If it doesn’t, follow up with the plunger once the foaming has subsided.

4. Snake

If the clog is very bad, you can rod the drain to remove the clog. You can use a plumbers snake for this task. A plumbers snake is a flexible cable that runs through the pipes and powers itself through the clog. This is usually a last resort once you’ve already tried other methods.

You can buy snakes to use in the home and if you have frequent problems with clogged sinks, they can be worth the expense. Otherwise, it may be better to rent one. Feed the snake through the pipes slowly and withdraw it slowly. If you’re not experienced in using a snake, go carefully. You won’t damage the pipes but you want to make sure you remove the entire clog.

5. Remove the Trap

All too often with a clogged bathroom sink, the clog will be in the trap or the spot where the drain bends in a “U” shape. You can remove this quite easily to clear it. Before you loosen it, however, position a bucket underneath it to catch the water and debris that will come out when you take it off.