Clogged Toilet: How to Remove Toys and Objects

Two lizard toys sit in the drain of toilet bowl.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 0-80
What You'll Need
Dipping container
5-gallon bucket
Toilet auger
Chemical drain cleaner
Rubber gloves
Face mask

A clogged toilet is always a big frustration, particularly when it’s a toy or other small objects that is creating the clog. And have you noticed that clogged toilets never happen at a convenient time? If yours has become blocked, the following seven steps will assist you in removing the obstruction.

Step 1 - Question Family Members

Sometimes it is difficult to determine what is actually clogging the toilet bowl. Begin by doing a little investigative work and questioning members of your family to determine what type of items may have been inadvertently flushed down the toilet. By figuring out what may have been put in the toilet, you can tell whether it is something that will need to be removed or if it is something that could be dissolved with a chemical.

Step 2 – Scoop the Water out of the Bowl

If the toilet has overflowed, spread rags or newspapers around the base of the toilet to soak up any excess water. Prepare to work on the clog by first scooping water from the bowl with a small, wide-mouth container such as a coffee can or an old plastic pitcher. Leave just enough water in the bowl to cover a plunger if you should need to use one. Before you begin plunging, make sure the rubber of the plunger completely covers the drain opening as well.

Step 3 – Use a Plunger

Gripping the plunger handle, begin firmly pushing the plunger up and down as rapidly as possible. It’s important not to be too forceful, as this may cause damage to the toilet bowl. If you are fortunate and the obstruction isn’t too large, the force of the water will release the clog.

Step 4 – Use an Auger

If the obstruction is not released by the plunger method, your next step will be to maneuver an auger into the drain hole and begin twisting it. You can often remove toys and other hard items with this method when plunging doesn't work as long as the snake can grip the item.

Step 5 – Use a Chemical De-clogger

If the auger method does not solve the problem, try a chemical de-clogger. The purpose of a chemical de-clogger is to dissolve items such as excessive toilet paper, tissues, etc., that may be blocking the drain pipe. Using the best product you can find will usually be worth the extra money you pay for it. Carefully follow the manufacture’s directions and use rubber gloves and a face mask to protect yourself from chemical fumes.

Step 6 - Stop Water from Flowing into the Toilet Bowl

Before flushing the toilet again to determine if the clog has been successfully removed, remove the lid from the toilet tank and raise the float. This will stop excessive water from filling the tank and flowing into the toilet bowl where it can spill onto the floor if the clog hasn’t been taken care of.

Step 7 – Call a Professional

If you were not successful in using the previous steps, it is now time to call a professional.