Closed-Cut Valley Shingle Installation: Pros and Cons

Doing your own closed cut valley shingle installation includes the merging of the shingles between both the roof planes. You need to keep few important things, such as the pros and cons in mind while installing these kinds of valleys. The article discusses some of the common pros and cons of installing closed cut valley shingle. 

Pros of Installation

  • These closed cut valley shingles don’t require any kind of cutting.
  • While installation, they do not require any roof cement as well.
  • It also proves to be the most weather resistant.

Cons of Installation

  • While installing this closed cut valley shingle, it might prove to be a bit difficult to install.
  • The installation process can also prove to be quite boring to install, as both the roof planes needs to be done at the same time.
  • If the closed cut valley shingle is not installed in a proper way, then the bridging can occur; such that an air pocket is created right below the valley. If this happens, then the shingles can be damaged, when someone steps on this air pocket.

Tips while Installation

  • Shingling of closed cut valleys should be usually done on warm days, so that the asphalt shingles become more flexible.