Closet Bend

A closet bend is the curved section of the length of a drain pipe that is found just below the toilet. A closet bend is usually made in an elbow shape, allowing the exit flush of a toilet to go out at a 90 degree angle horizontally along the wall. The closet bend is attached to the waste pipe. It is the last fitting of a drainage system serving a toilet.

Closet bends in the past have been made out of lead, but nowadays closet bends are generally found to be constructed out of cast iron, steel or PVC pipe.

Sizes of a closet bend

Three inches is a common size for a closet bend. They are sometimes four inches by three inches, with a reduction on the waste pipe end, in order to fit the existing pipe system. It is extremely important that fittings be checked for leakage in installing a closet bend, for reasons which are fairly obvious.