Closet Organizer for Shoes: How to Build Your Own

Shoes are an important part of any outfit and most  people have many pairs. To keep a properly organized closet you need a closet organizer just for your shoes. Shoes need air to breath to keep them fresh. The steps below will help you create a shoe organizer for your closet that would allow your shoes to breathe and stay fresh for years to come.


  • Dowel sticks (broad and narrow ones)
  • Brackets
  • Screws
  • Glue
  • Optional: Should the cupboard be quite wide, a piece of timber to support the middle section to strengthen the organizer.
  • Router (to make holes if you prefer not to use brackets and if your cupboard sides are thick enough)
  • Optional: Varnish or paint

Step 1: Take Measurements and Cut Dowel Sticks

Measure the distances and places where the brackets or the holes will be made. Cut the dowel sticks to the lengths required. Set holes in the cupboard sides with the router (if you are not using brackets). Take care not to cut the holes too deep. Make sure that the measurements are accurate so that your dowel sticks won’t slip down. The dowel sticks should be a tight fit even though it will be supported by the brackets on the sides, but especially if you are going to use the holes in the cupboard.

Measure the distance between the front and back dowel sticks so that the soles of the shoes sit comfortably on the front dowel stick. Make sure that there is a slight angle between the dowel sticks, but not too sharp and angle so that the shoes without heels do not slip off, for example, wedge heels. If you are using brackets, measure and drill the holes to attach it to the inside of the cupboard. The brackets should have hollowed out tops (with the router) so that the dowel sticks fit snugly into it. The same angle is required should you apply this method. The use of the bracket method would be an easier and quicker way, although the inset holes would be much neater.

Step 2: Making the Organizer

First of all, clear out your cupboard so that you have space to work and you do not get dust on your clothes. Secondly, you should test whether the dowel sticks would fit tightly enough. Apply glue to the holes and insert the dowel sticks. Allow to dry. Should you want to apply paint or varnish you may want to do this before you set the dowel sticks in place. You might also want to cover it with a material which can be cleaned. With the bracket method, you need to measure the exact distance between the dowel sticks in the front and back. Drill the holes in the brackets first and then align inside to measure the drill holes for the cupboard. Once this is done screw in the brackets. Fit the dowel sticks to the top of the bracket. If you so wish, you could use glue to set it in place. Allow the cupboard to air out before your organizer is ready. Once it is ready you may go ahead and pack your shoes in place.