Closet Rod Basics Closet Rod Basics

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Closet rods are the rods that usually span the distance of your closet so that you can hang on them clothes and other items in your closet. This utility allows for a greater space-efficacy and convenience, displaying all items in one’s closet without taking up too much space.


Closet rods can be made of wood, metal, and plastic, but other materials have been used. Usually the design of a closet rod is not essential to the aesthetics of one’s home because of its use and location (in the closet), but it may be considered, especially the color, if one is so inclined. If that is the case, then the design of the hangers should also be considered, as it will surely be noticed.


Closet rods should be located fairly high in one’s closet to prevent the clothes from dragging on the floor. But remember not to install it so high that you can’t reach the rod.

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