Club Chair

The club chair is a low back chair that has a seat area that is slightly wider than a normal chair. This chair was first introduced in the late 1800’s in the men’s club. These chairs were specifically design for men and were usually of dark wood and leather. As the times passed, they have evolved to include many designs, colors, stains and purposes.

How are Club Chairs Used?

Club chairs are typically used in homes and offices. They can also be seen used widely throughout libraries. As the club chair continues to grow in popularity, it can now be seen in dining areas in many homes.

When they made their shift from strictly a chair for a man to an overall chair style, they were coupled with a table to make a complete seating arrangement that was both suitable for a man and women. They are often still used for poker, coffee, and light talk areas. The comfort level of the club chair has also been adjusted to include a different style padding and material on some.