Clutch Master Cylinder Repair Tips

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-50
What You'll Need
Master cylinder rebuild kit
Brake fluid
Tool kit

When the clutch cylinder is faulty, clutch master cylinder repair is essential and is not a difficult task. The clutch master cylinder is located inside of your engine hood. The master cylinder is the smaller of the two cylinders connected to the car's firewall right in front of the steering column.

Removing the Clutch Master Cylinder for Repair

To repair the clutch master cylinder, it will first have to be removed. You will first need to remove the reservoir cap for the fluid container and drain the brake fluid to the minimum level. Place fluids in a container. You will find the clutch pipeline connected to the master cylinder body; this will need to be removed using a line wrench. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to remove it. Once you remove the screw, pull the pipe line out. There will be two screws that connect the master cylinder to the car's firewall. Use a socket to remove these nuts and take out the clutch master cylinder.

Repairing the Clutch Master Cylinder

There is a thin woven lining between the master cylinder and the firewall. At the end of the master cylinder that is located close to the firewall, you will need to find the clip that operates the whole master cylinder. Use a screwdriver to remove it. Once the clip is removed, the piston on the inside of the master cylinder will be removed. A spring, cap, and circular plastic should still be inside the master cylinder. Shake the master cylinder until this falls out. Clean the inside of the master cylinder using brake fluid and wipe it with cotton. This is the only thing that needs to be used to clean it.

Once it is cleaned, put fresh brake fluid on it. You will also want to soak the new parts with fresh fluids. Your repair kit should come with a new spring, cap, and piston. Place the cap on the flat end of the spring and place it in the body of the master cylinder. Attach the piston plastic ring and set the piston in the master cylinder. You can now place the clip back by pushing the piston with your screwdriver and inserting the round clip.

Placing Master Cylinder Back

Now that you have repaired your clutch master cylinder, it is time to reinstall it. Place the thin woven lining back that was removed earlier. Reattach the clip to the master cylinder pushrod. Put the master cylinder back on the firewall of the engine. Take your socket extension and tighten the two nuts securing the master cylinder back to the firewall. The clutch line can now be reconnected. Tighten the connector screw in the middle of the master cylinder and clutch pipe line using the line wrench. Pour fresh brake fluid into the fluid reservoir. If you need to bleed the clutch, you may do that now that you have repaired and replaced the clutch master cylinder.