Clutch Pedal Assembly Tips

closeup of a clutch pedal

The clutch pedal assembly shuts the engine down when the car is standing still in a neutral position and the clutch pedal is raised up. In a car with a manual transmission, there is no clutch pedal and it all works automatically to control the speed of the automobile.

Location of the Clutch Pedal

When you are in the driver’s seat and look down, your brake pedal is between the clutch pedal and the accelerator. When you look beneath the hood of the automobile, the clutch cable goes through a firewall between the brake and the accelerator cable. The clutch pedal is connected to the shaft which is connected to a steel arm with a clip that holds the ratchet to a small shaft on that steel arm. When the pedal moves, it causes the shaft to rotate counterclockwise. This causes that small ratchet assembly to rotate upward.

Defining a Quadrant

The quadrant is a quarter of a circle. It has small teeth around its sides and holds on to the clutch pedal shaft and holds on to the shaft with a visible clip. The quadrant floats on the shaft and is not splined to it and does not have to rotate with the shaft. Clutch cable goes through a firewall and is attached to the quadrant’s top just as the cable of the accelerator is attached to the accelerator. When you push the clutch pedal, the small ratchet assembly rotates upwards. It has teeth that mesh with the teeth of the quadrant causing it to rotate counterclockwise and pulling the cable.

Causes of Clutch Pedal Failure

A manual transmission far surpasses the modern automatic transmission. But, in the manual transmission, the clutch can become a weak link. Every time you shift, the clutch has to be engaged and disengaged. This is hard on the clutch and especially when you are driving in heavy traffic. If the oil becomes contaminated because of a faulty hydraulic system, this can cause clutch pedal failure too.

Reasons Why Clutch May Need Adjustment

Here are some reasons why you may need to have the clutch in your car adjusted. With wear and tear, everything requires adjustment or replacement at times. If the clutch in your car is getting worn out, it should be replaced rather then adjusted. However, if you have to wait and it is safe to use it at it is, adjustment will then be the best thing. If in the first part of your travels, your clutch pedal feels dead, it needs adjustment. If you shift, the shifter does not move freely or the gears clash or you hear other sounds from that direction, it means the clutch pedal may need adjustment. Always check to be sure that the clutch pedal needs adjustment and not replacement. Whenever you check the clutch pedal, be sure to check the brakes also as they work together.