CNC Lathe Machine vs CNC Milling Machine

While mini lathe machines have been around for hobbyists, a CNC lathe machine might raise some questions. What is a CNC lathe machines and a CNC milling machine? We'll explore the difference between the two types of machines as well as explain the term CNC for you here. 

Lathe Machines

The lathe, which comes in various models and designs, is used to cut or machine through solids, such as metal or wood. In this machine, the work piece is being turned in a chuck while the cutting tool remains stationary.

Milling Machines

This type of machines is similar to a drill press. The spindle of the milling machine can take side loads and end loads, and its rotating cutter can cut through the flanks and the tips of solid metal. Compared to the lathe, the cutting tool in the milling machine moves, while its work piece remains stationary.

Computed Numerically Controlled (CNC)

Both types of machines can be operated manually. They can also be operated with the help of a computer. In this variation of the two machines, programs are encoded into them so that the controls follow the points that are input to the computer. It creates a file using CAD/CAM and extracts the commands needed to operate the machine.