Cobblestone Driveway Cost Compared to Asphalt

A cobblestone driveway adds elegance to your home's curb appeal. Installing this type of driveway is quite costly and labor intensive. Here is some basic information on the overall cost, and a few alternatives.


Cobblestone will require a lot work, and a lot of money to place as a driveway. The individual stones need to be laid out by hand to create the patterns that are most attractive. You can also expect to pay as much as $5 per cobblestone. On average, a hand-laid driveway will run around $30 a square foot. Cobblestone pavers can be used to save some money, costing around $3 each.


Thanks to concrete stamps and dyes, you can create a stone look driveway without spending the insane amount of money required for traditional stone. Concrete will last a lot longer than stone, and can be laid, stamped, and colored for around $5 to $7 a square foot.


Asphalt is another alternative to stone. Asphalt can be dyed and stamped to look like bricks, much like concrete. Asphalt is typically not measured in terms of square feet, but you can expect asphalt to cost less than half of what concrete would.

All driveways, regardless of the material used, will need a base. Most often a gravel base is used. Gravel costs an average of $1 to $2 per square foot.