Cobblestone House Cost Compared to Vinyl Siding

A cobblestone house is very popular and very pretty. The vinyl siding house is just as popular and is very pretty as well. Many people put these on their house but which one is better for your budget? The simple thing is to sit down and compare what is what with these types of siding.

Cobblestone House

A cobblestone house can wind up being quite a large expense. Most of the time a cobblestone house has to be done by a professional but even if it is not the cost of the cobblestone and mortar alone is very high. Individual cobblestones cost $3 to $5 dollars each with thousands required for building siding for a house. However, in addition to cobblestone adding a very pretty touch to your home, it makes your home worth more money.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is probably the most cost effective form of siding. You can normally get vinyl siding for as low as $1.50 to $4.00 per square ft. Not only does it save you money when it is installed, but it also saves you money throughout the years. You can install vinyl siding quite easily yourself without much help and you can easily purchase it at many different dealers.

Whichever siding you decide to go with be sure to try to picture your home with that particular siding on it. Don’t be afraid to let budget dictate which siding is best for you, as both choices are attractive options.