Cobblestone House Maintenance

Cobblestone is made from highly condensed materials which include numerous types of rocks and lava which are then hand cut into blocks used for many streets, pathways, and cobblestone houses.

Understanding Cobblestone

The Earth condenses the rock for hundreds of years before we dig it up and use it for homes, or home improvement projects. Cobblestone houses were built many years ago for their natural beauty, and if home owners are lucky enough to own a home that is built with cobblestone, they can either treasure it for a lifetime, or re-sell the house for a great deal of money.

Maintaining Cleanliness

Many people are confused about how to maintain the beauty of their cobblestone home when it begins to grow moss, and other various plants on it. Many think that cobblestone, like many other stones need a specific cleaning method to clean it without damage, when in reality, cobblestone can withstand almost any cleaning method you can throw at it. Cobblestone is one of the toughest materials a person can build with, and cleans best with a pressure washer.

Pressure Washing

Pressure washers will remove any moss, or other plant life that has grown on the moss of your home. It is also possible to load the pressure washer with any type of cleaner you desire to use, since cobblestone is not sensitive to any type of cleaning solution.