Cobblestone Patio Installation Tips Cobblestone Patio Installation Tips

A cobblestone patio helps in creating a feeling of the old world elegance to any outdoor areas. In the olden days, the stones were cut first and then cobbled together, which proved to be quite time consuming and took a lot of hard work. In these days, however, with the help of a mortar, the installation of a cobblestone patio is less expensive, and cobblestones are available in a number of different sizes, shapes and colors as well. The following article will talk about the number of different tips which will help in guiding in creating a cobblestone patio on your own.

Tip 1: Cleaning

Make sure that the place where the cobblestone patio is going to be installed is cleaned properly. There should be no leaves, pebbles or any dust on the ground. Get a hold of some knee pads and gloves in order to work with the cobblestone.

Tip 2: Slope

While installing the cobblestone, make sure that there is some slope to the patio area in order to avoid the puddling rain water. This slope can be built from side to side or from one end to another, according to the specific situation.

Tip 3: Power Compacter

Make sure to spray the sand with a mist of water and keep repeating this process so that the sand is packed tightly. Utilize a power compacter to compress the sand firmly in the right place.

Tip 4: Patio

Once the cobblestone patio is installed, avoid walking on the patio for at least a minimum of five hours. This will help in saving the patio from being spoilt.

Tip 5: Leveling

Another tip which should be kept in mind is to lay a proper bed of sand on the ground. Make sure that the sand is deep enough, and then set the cobblestone on it. This should be done so that the cobblestone is set properly.

Tip 6: Measurement

Make sure to measure the area for the cobblestone patio. Usually the area should be about a foot larger on each of the sides compared to the finished patio. This should be done in order to make it easier to build a hand-laid look right around the edges.

Tip 7: Excess Water

Be careful while using the water; make sure that a lot of water is not used on the cobblestone patio while the grout is being set. Just utilize the right amount of water required to clean off the top.

Tip 8: Less Installation Time

In order to decrease the time for the installation of the cobblestone patio, make use of large cobblestone pavers. This will help in giving the patio a traditional as well as a professional look, and will also take less for the project to be completed.

Tip 9: Assistance

Get help from a professional person if there is unfamiliarity with the use of the circular saw. Always remember to have one person to help in order to ensure the safety and smoothness of the progress of the project.

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