Cobblestone Paver Patio Maintenance Tips

Routine cobblestone paver patio maintenance will help extend the life and beauty of your patio. Follow the tips below, to keep your cobblestone paver patio in good shape.

Sweep Regularly With a Stiff Broom

Use a wide head janitor-style broom to sweep your cobblestone patio. This will clear it of seeds, moss and other spores that can start to grow between the stones.

Use Gentle Water Pressure When Rinsing

Avoid using a power washer on cobblestones. High water pressure can loosen the fill between the stones, allowing them to shift and tip.

Refill Between Loose Stones with Joint Sand Right Away

If, when sweeping or washing, you loosen some of the joint sand between the cobblestones, replace it right away. Dampen the sand just a little, so you can compact it firmly between the stones.

Apply Cobblestone Sealer near the Barbecue Grill

If you use a barbecue grill on your cobblestone patio, apply a waterproof sealer to the patio area around the grill with a large paintbrush. This will prevent the stones from becoming stained and discolored with smoke and grease. Allow 24 hours for the sealer to dry, then apply a second coat. Apply the sealer in heavy foot traffic areas too, to reduce staining from mud and dirt.