Cobblestone Walkway vs Gravel or Concrete

Debating whether to install a cobblestone walkway, a concrete walkway, or a gravel walkway for you home but don't know which to choose? Check out the information below.

Gravel Walkways

If initial cost is a major factor in building a walkway, you can't beat gravel. Still, there are considerations that may make it less of a favorite. Take maintenance, for example. To keep gravel from your walkway from becoming spread and scattered on the lawn surrounding the walkway, you'll need some kind of retaining form.

Concrete Walkways

Concrete, for sure, requires the least maintenance. Although its initial cost is higher, it is a far better choice in areas of the country where snow and ice have to be shoveled off walkways. However, if your walkway is to be temporary, you'll have to break it up with a jackhammer when it comes time to remove it.

Cobblestone Walkways

Cobblestone is for the homeowner who care more about style and d├ęcor. You can't beat cobblestone for class, and when you change the look of your yard, you can easily change the look of your cobblestones. They may require more maintenance because of the grass and weeds that can grow in these walkways, but if style and class matters to you, you may not care that you'll need to hire a gardener to maintain your walkways.