round rocks stacked

Cobblestones make a great addition to your garden or water fountain. They are small, rounded stones you can find naturally at the bottom of a stream or lake. The water erodes the stones after many years to make a soft and smooth surface. There are many different ways you can use cobblestones in your home decorating projects.

a rock fountain pouring into a pool

  1. Layer the bottom of your bird bath, water fountain, or fish tank with cobblestones.
  2. Make a garden path by making a thick trail of stones.
  3. Use large cobblestones to line your landscaping.
  4. Put several small cobblestones in the bottom of a glass jar with a candle.
  5. Use many small cobblestones around your landscaping to keep out weeds.
  6. Make a mosaic and hang it on the wall or outside.

How to Find Cobblestones

You can find cobblestones just about anywhere, but most of them are near water. For small projects you will be able to find all the stones you will need at a beach or river bank, but for larger projects you will need to go to a store. The best cobblestones will be smooth around all of its edges and between one and twelve inches big.