Code Enforcement Officer

A code enforcement officer is a person whom enforces non-criminal laws, rules, codes, regulations, and bylaws. A code enforcement officer is essentially an employee of a regional district, county, or specific municipality.

Code Enforcement Officer Categories

In most cases there are three categories that a code enforcement officer could fall under.

  • General Enforcement – The general enforcement has the officer being responsible for several different bylaws. The bylaws vary depending on the place but they usually contain regulations regarding parking, animal control, zoning, noise and other small duties.
  • General Enforcement without Animal Control – This type of code enforcement officer is very similar to the above one with the exception that these officers do not handle animals. Usually the animal control will be assigned to specialized officers or contracted to a different group.
  • Stratified or Diversified Enforcement – This is a structure of officers rather than each officer being a “jack of all trades”. Each officer is assigned to a group that may range from parking and animal enforcement to garbage and environmental protection. The downside to this setup is that it encourages each officer to stick to their assigned duties and turn a blind eye to other problems that may occur.