Coffee Tables with Storage: 5 Design Ideas

Coffee tables with storage have become a tradition in old style dwellings. These are highly sought after, especially in households with classical decorations.

Chest Type Tables

The famous chest style can be a great idea for coffee table construction. The best thing about this design is that the tabletop has a surface area, and when opened, it reveals a capacity for storage. This design helps to keep delicate objects safe. This design should be complimented with a dark rusty color. This finishes the tables treasure chest look. Copper strips can be used to mark chest joints.

Glass Frame Table

Using a glass sheet as a tabletop is a very good idea for a lovely coffee table design. A wooden frame is used to hold the glass sheet in place. The base of the table is fixed with holder type legs that support the weight of the glass and are strong enough to endure weight increase. The table should be made in a way that the weight is all supported on the frame and not the glass. This ideal design when completed will be captivating and elegant at the same time. The broader structure can seat many people, making it more reliable for gatherings when the number of attendees is not known.

Antique Style

Making a coffee table with storage capacity in a unique design is going to give a very appealing product. This table should have a traditional rectangle that has an old school teacher’s table like structure. The top plank of the table has to be supported by a shelf that is almost similar in size and is capable of holding belongings. Coffee tables with storage are most commonly used to hold cutlery and other items for a tea or coffee party. Sometimes the snacks made beforehand are stored in the compartments to avoid hassle at the time of the event.

Shelf Type Coffee Table

A coffee counter designed as a shelf is a great design. This table will be made exactly in accordance with coffee party needs of today. The elegant design will comprise of open shelves that are very capacious. A lower section is built that can easily hold a tray of drinks and then there is an upper open section. This will form a very captivating design that holds all kinds of house accessories in a cute compartment. It will look best when made in oval shape, maintaining the tradition of original English tea gatherings. This table will have a captivating and unique design and is a pretty sight.

Square Shaped Table Design

A coffee table made in a square contemporary design is a very unique idea. The structure should be made stout with an intense color to give the piece a presence. The square look should be softened by using gold corners. These plating corners will also give a rustic look. This strong square piece of furniture should be made properly and will impress the onlooker by the amount of solid wood used in its making. Right under the tabletop should be a smaller shelf invisible at first glance. To add contrast to the piece, the leg ends can be rounded off and painted gold.