Have Your Own Coffee Lounge at Home Have Your Own Coffee Lounge at Home

There’s nothing like a good coffee lounge, selling a selection of delicious brews and tasty cakes and grilled sandwiches. Coffee lounges are a favorite hang out for artists and writers, and people who just like to relax and dream. But why take a daily trek to your nearest coffee lounge when you can have one right at home?

Any sunny, quiet or unused corner of your home will do to set up your own relaxing coffee nook. You can use spare space in your kitchen, lounge or patio to make a corner that’s ideal for casual entertaining or to enjoy just by yourself.

There are two styles of décor you can choose to make your coffee lounge. You can have a neat table setting with chairs, or a traditional coffee table with comfy, cushioned seating. If you want a real café atmosphere, choose the kind of tables and chairs that take you straight there – simple clean lines with a metallic finish, such as aluminum. You can even use your printer to create a café style menu to perch on the table.

For real luxury lounge comfort, choose a deep diner style sofa or whicker chairs padded with comfy cushions. Make the coffee table a real feature of the space. One of the neatest ideas is to have a shadow box table with a deep recess in which found treasure or a special collection can be displayed under glass. But tiled, folk painted or polished table tops will look just as sensational.

Another essential accessory to your coffee nook is a magazine stash. You can have a simple pile of glossies on the coffee table, or go the whole hog and set up a magazine rack on which to display your collection of light reading.

A well placed standard lamp or wall lights for evening lighting, and some coffee memorabilia such as old advertisements or labels framed on the walls, will complete your coffee nook, and invite you and your friends to relax with good conversation and, most importantly, good coffee. You don’t have to be a trained barista these days, or to load up your kitchen with expensive equipment, to be able to call up something special at a moment’s notice. But if you do want a gleaming coffee maker to set off the theme, there are many exciting options. The DeLonghi Magnifica EAM3200 Coffee and Espresso Maker will do everything your local coffee lounge will do.

You will also need a rack of appropriate china for serving your coffee – include good sized mugs, cups and saucers, small cups for short black, and tall glasses for iced coffee. If you like you can make a feature collection of different styles, or a stylish statement, such as all white pottery mugs and cups. Add spoons in varying sizes and lengths, as you will need these to successfully serve short black and tall iced coffees. A collection of matching or mismatched china side plates will be needed to serve sandwiches and pastries.

If you can afford the money or the room for a coffee machine, don’t let that hold you back. There is such a huge range of very good instant coffees available these days that you can have a complete stock of speciality coffees in your pantry for a lot less expense.

Your coffee collection should start with a large jar of a very good general instant brew. Just pick your own personal favorite from the many brands available. You will also need a premium brand instant short black, some coffee syrups (such as those made by Gloria’s), and some instant cappuccinos. Demerara and coffee sugar adds a nice touch, and some instant whipped cream for those delicious iced coffees. You will find everything you need in the Nestle range.

Now that you have the coffee sorted, you will need some delicious delicacies to set the finishing touch on your coffee lounge experience. For short blacks and cappuccinos, lay in a stock of delicious Italian biscotti; for flat white and iced coffee, choose from strawberry shortcake, apple pie, orange and poppy seed friands, wafer biscuits or cheesecake; for coffee flavored with syrup, serve tasty speciality crackers or plain cookies for contrast.

For sandwiches, try different breads, such as light rye or sourdough, and fill with pastrami, sliced sweet ham and gruyere cheese, scrambled egg and chives, BLT or any other appealing combination. Grill the sandwiches lightly on each side and serve at once.

Now curl up with a glossy magazine or a few good friends, and enjoy your very own coffee lounge!

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