Collar Ties Collar Ties

Collar ties are used to do the same job as a knee wall does. The collar ties are meant to prevent the sagging of rafters. Collar ties are normally constructed out of two by fours and two by sixes.
They are installed the same way as a knee wall too, where they reach about 3 feet in height. The ties are designed to be connected to opposing rafters to help reinforce the infrastructure and stop rafters from sagging. Unfortunately, it’s very common to have the ties buckle and to find that they are made out of the wrong size.

Downsides to Using Collar Ties

  • Collar ties are often designed out of a one by eight piece of wood rather than a two by four. This causes the thin wood of the one by eight to buckle under the weight of the rafters.
  • Another huge problem is that they are not on each rafter. Normally they are on every third rafter which is an inadequate amount of support. When debating between using collar ties and knee walls you should lean toward the knee walls as they are more stable and provide more support.

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