Collecting Camellia Seeds

Camellias are beautiful and hardy plants and a worthwhile addition to your garden. Collecting camellia seeds and growing your own camellias from seed pods are excellent projects for the amateur gardener. Learn about when and how to collect ripening pods in order to have the most success planting your own camellias.

Camellia plants shed their seedpods in the fall. As the seeds mature in pods of 8 to 12, the seedpod and the seeds themselves turn a dark green color. When the seeds are mature, the pods break, and the seeds fall to the ground.

How to Collect and Preserve Camellia Seeds

Collect seeds once they have fallen to the ground after the seed pods have broken. Typically, camellia seeds are 1 to 2 inches in diameter, although certain types of seeds are larger. Plant the seeds within a few days after collecting them for the best chances of successful growth. Camellia seeds do not retain their germinating capability well if they are kept dry for several days.

By knowing when to collect your camellia seeds and how to plant them, you will be able to grow beautiful camellia plants in your garden from seeds that you have harvested.