College Dorm Furniture: How to Personalize Your Pillows College Dorm Furniture: How to Personalize Your Pillows

A simple way for college students to decorate their dorm rooms would be to personalize their college dorm furniture. For many college students, the dreary and impersonalized aspect of a dorm room can bring about an uneasy feeling or increase the feelings of missing home. Adding a personal touch, such as personalized pillows, can help a college student feel more at home in their new space.

Simple Initials

The easiest way to personalize a college student’s pillows would be to embroider their initials onto the pillow or pillowcase. Most cities have embroidery shops that can facilitate this request. Once the student chooses a pillowcase that they like, take it to the embroidery shop and choose a thread color for the initials.

Get Crafty

For students looking for a crafty approach, consider purchasing a unique style of fabric and sew your own pillows and/or pillowcase. Obtain a pattern from the craft store, adding whatever fabric you have chosen. Once the pillow or pillowcase has been fabricated, add other craft items, such as ric-rac, floral embellishments or buttons.

Get Personal

For the sentimental student, ask hometown friends to sign a “memory pillow.” To do this, simply provide friends and family various fabric markers and ask them to write a message and sign their name on your pillow.

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