Color Ideas for Wainscoting Your Dining Room

Wainscoting adds a decorative flair and creates a brilliant contrast between the lower and upper portions of your walls. Wainscoting is wood paneling running from the baseboards up 3 to 5 feet and capped with a dado rail. The upper portion of the wall is either painted or wallpapered. Originally used to mitigate the effects of rising dampness that could ruin the lower half of walls, wainscoting is now used both for function and as an adornment.

Wainscoting in Your Dining Room

Any room will be highlighted by the use of wainscoting, especially the bathroom and dining room. By contrasting colors and matching to furniture or crown molding, this feature will not only add beauty to your home, it will add value as well.

Consider a natural tone to the wainscoting in your dining room that matches the table set. Contrast the wood stain with an attractive earth tone paint, either lighter or darker depending on the hue of the stain. Another option is to go light with the wainscoting. Painting it off-white will contrast nicely with a rich shade of green, blue or red. The colors of the dining room should not clash with your furniture. Rather, they should accentuate it.

There are no rules when it comes to wainscoting. Whether you choose a natural wood finish or paint, the rest of the wall should both complement and contrast with it.