Colors That Compliment a Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

A brushed nickel ceiling fan is an ornately colored fan bringing elegance and prestige into any room. Brushed nickel itself is a metallic color slightly less bright than polished silver. As such, products made of brushed nickel, including ceiling fans, are very reflective. Unlike a mirror, however, the reflective surface of brushed nickel actually allows it to absorb surrounding colors. Instead of limiting your option, this actually opens the flood gates of color selection which, in turn, opens opportunities for creativity.

Restrained Creativity

Rather than letting your creative side simply go hog wild, exercise some restraint. While loud colors can be bright and fun, holding to solid, neutral colors will bring out the prestige and elegance of your ceiling fan.

Color Choices

Even within a neutral range, there are a multitude of colors that will work with your brushed nickel ceiling fan. Though not an exhaustive list, the following suggestions will help narrow your selection:

  • Black works great as a trim color.
  • White goes with everything and will allow your brushed nickel fan to retain its own unique color (off-silver).
  • Solid colors will work well with your fan.
  • Natural wood colors are the best choice to compliment brushed nickel.

Between lighting effects and your color selection, a brushed nickel ceiling fan will be a smart addition to any room in your home.