How to Combat Ants with Nutrasweet

Ants on grass.

An easy and effective way to get rid of ants is NutraSweet. Picture a perfect day out in your garden, sipping your lemonade on the porch or patio and all of a sudden, ants come out of nowhere to ruin your day. You go inside the house, open a kitchen cupboard and a swarm of ants between the cereal boxes makes its way towards you. You go to sit on the table, only to find that they have followed you there. Ants can be a real nuisance to get rid of and sometimes, even tons of dollars spent on ant repellents and poisons do not solve the problem. Several tips will help you combat the hordes of ants which settled at your property.

The Natural Ant Poison

NutraSweet is a brand name for the sweetener aspartame. The latter is sold under various other brand names, but any of them will do the job. Although the side effects of aspartame consumption have been greatly debated, it is generally considered to be harmless to humans and pets such as dogs or cats, if taken in small quantities. For this reason, NutraSweet is a perfect weapon against ants instead of filling your house with toxic chemicals with questionable effectiveness, posing a possible health hazard to your family.

NutraSweet works in repelling or killing ants because of its ability to affects the neural system. It contains asparctic acid which over-stimulates the brain cells and causes them to die. Aspartame might not work on all ants because some are attracted to sweet and others to fat. Research has shown that it is effective against fire ants which are also quite hard to exterminate with conventional products.

Applying NutraSweet (Aspartame)

Ants walk in a row.

All you need is several packets of the sweetener. You can open and spread the contents around strategic places in the house where ants are likely to pass through – at the corners of windows and the front door, in the kitchen behind the fridge and the stove, and in the cupboards. Spread some NutraSweet outside the house along the base of the walls or directly over the ant hill in the yard.

Some reports have found that dissolving the aspartame in water makes it more efficient with some types of ants. The ants take the NutraSweet to their nest where the rest of the colony and the queen ant eat it. A solution of water and aspartame in a spray bottle is convenient to use around the house, serving for faster application. It might take several days until you get rid of all the ants but if after this time your ant problem is still unresolved, try using aspartame mixed with an equal amount of boric acid powder and some water. The sweetener will attract the ants, while the boric acid is known to be toxic for them.

This easy and non-toxic solution to your ant problems can save you a lot of money and distress. Have a packet of NutraSweet ready the next time an ant comes your way.