Combination Doors or Windows Combination Doors or Windows

Combination doors or windows have removable or self storing glass and screen panels. Many people choose to purchase these because they are easy to change every season. Learning how to change them is easy, but it usually depends on what model combination doors or windows you have.

Self storing combination doors or windows are generally the easiest to use. Inside the door or window you should be able to find a way to slide the screen or glass up or down. They should be able to latch in and out of place very easily.

Most removable combination doors or windows use small levers to hold the screen or window in place. Carefully turn the levers to let out the panel and replace it with the new one before turning them back into place.

When to Change Combination Doors or Windows

Most places allow you to change your combination doors or windows once in the spring and once in the fall, but it will depend on what area you live in.
Generally, the window is used to block out cold and wet weather while the screen is used to welcome in warm weather. Instead of changing them every time the weather changes, wait until you are certain the cold and wet season has past. This helps insulate your home from the cold and protect it from weather damage.

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