Combining Tile Trim to Add Texture to a Room Combining Tile Trim to Add Texture to a Room

A tile trim can be adjusted to complement tile depths as they are available in different colors and shades. There is a trim for every tile and they can be used to match every style. Tile trims are available in several different finishes such as PVC, aluminum, stainless steel, brass, chrome and titanium. They are found in round or straight edged designs.

Selecting Tile Trims

They are found in varying lengths and materials. Tile trims also vary in thickness as tiles are found in different lengths and widths. Be sure to keep these considerations in mind when selecting and buying tile edges.

Choose white, light or dark colored tile trims to match or complement the texture in a given room. They are also found as matt, silk, glossy, open shoulder or closed. It is advisable to add mosaic trims for mosaic tiles. The beauty of a tile trim can be used to enhance the aesthetic quality of a room or to detract from it.

Matching Trim Tiles

To add texture, depth or contrast, be sure to use trims tiles that are a good match for tiles that are already installed in a room. This can be achieved by contrasting the two or combining them so that they complement each other.

Tile Trims on Floors

They can be used to create a smooth transition between two different floorings. To make the floor have the same color, tile trims can be used to tie the 2 surfaces. The idea is to install a tiled floor that has a similar appearance to the hardwood floor of a corridor, living or dinning room. Tile trims of similar colors can be installed and sealed where the two surfaces meet.

To add texture to a floor, one can add tile trims on tiles that have raw edges. In addition to bringing out some contrast, they help in creating a finished look. Select gold, dark colored, glossy or matt tile edges to add texture to a room. They can be used to piece the edges together while adding an aesthetic value to the room.

Tile Trims on Walls

It is possible to improve the quality and attractiveness of a wall tiled room by using tile trims. Consider contrasting tile edges and tiles by selecting pieces that have different colors. One can use light colored, gold, glossy, matt, brass, titanium or metal tile trims to create different textures on dark colored tiles. 

Counter Tops

Metal tile edges are the best pieces to use on kitchen counter tops. Be sure to look for stainless steel, gold, brass, titanium or chrome tile trims for such surfaces. They can be used join counter tiles to wall tiles without the need to have a grout line which can be unattractive.

Using a tile trim on such a surface is very beneficial as it serves as a seal and prevents moisture from destroying the counter top tiles. To add texture, use light colored tile edges on dark colored tiles. Dark tile trims should be used on light colored tiles to achieve the same effect.

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