Comfort Height Toilets


A comfort height toilet offers higher seating than ordinary toilets, making them a particular favorite for senior citizens and disabled people. By raising the rim of the bowl 2-inches above the height of normal toilets (to the recommended Americans with Disabilities Act standards), comfort height toilets make toilets much more accessible.

Bowl Shape

Many models come with elongated, rather than round, bowls, making use of the toilet even easier. Be careful to measure the space availability for your toilet. Elongated toilet bowls require more front-to-back space than the traditional round bowls do.

Flush Technology

Comfort height toilets are available with either the standard gravity flush or power-assist flush technology, as well as eco-friendly, low-water use models.


They come in a variety of colors and styles. We recommend choosing a toilet that will not become dated, as fashions change. The average comfort height toilet costs between $250 and $400.