Commercial Broiler

Produced by companies like Viking, Cecilware, Imperial Range and others, a commercial broiler is a must-have for any food service business specializing in burgers, steaks or other grilled foods. Broilers give meats and other foods a particular quality, with a partially charred exterior but tender inside. Commercial units can cost several thousands of dollars, depending on the size and overall quality. Almost always gas powered, commercial broilers require a vent and a hard-line connection. Ideal for everything from steaks to seafood, broilers provide a highly-efficient, instant source of heat, perfect for high-volume, fast-paced restaurants.


Commercial broilers feature durable stainless steel exterior components, individually-controlled burners each putting out a high volume of BTUs. Stainless steel radiant burners work fast and can be removed for cleaning and basic maintenance. The grate itself is made from cast iron, with wide ridges to give foods the distinctive char-broiled look. Grease troughs allow excess fat to drain off food and keep it from dropping on the burners, which can cause flare ups.


Usually installable on a countertop, commercial broilers commonly feature adjustable legs, a fully insulated body, and easy-to-remove grates, burners and covers. Sized for any type of restaurant, commercial broilers include both top-down infrared models as well as char-broil grills that cook from the bottom up.