Commercial Frying Pan

A commercial frying pan is mostly used for the quick preparation of making large quantities of foods, such as in restaurants or big industrial-sized kitchens. Many elementary and secondary schools with on-site cafeterias, commercial bakeries, food warehouses, private caterers and major food manufacturers, in addition to restaurants, cook with commercial frying pans when preparing a variety of foods.

Where to Buy

Commercial frying pans can be purchased from either local restaurant supply houses or at restaurant wholesalers, as well as through a restaurant industry catalog. Unlike visiting a home goods store where you can buy a set of inexpensive regular frying pans, commercial frying pans are costly because of their size and specialty use.

Expert Use

In addition, commercial frying pans are typically constructed of stainless steel or another stronger metal like aluminum or copper that is durable. Most of the time, commercial frying pans do not have a nonstick coating or surface. Chefs who use commercial frying pans on a regular basis are well seasoned cooks or culinary school graduates who know how not to burn foods when using a commercial frying pan. While some home cooks sometimes opt to use a commercial frying pan, these types of frying pans are mostly designed and suited for expert chefs who need heavy duty cookware in order to mass produce food.