Common Causes of Pitting in Mesh Drywall Tape Common Causes of Pitting in Mesh Drywall Tape

Mesh drywall tape is made from very thin strands of fiberglass and it is often used for covering drywall seams and joints, as well as repairing holes in the drywall. While mesh tape is flexible to the point where it minimizes drywall cracks, pitting in the tape can still occur. The most common causes of pitting include uneven application and improper placement in interior wall joints.

Applying Mesh Tape

Mesh drywall tape differs from paper tape due to its self-adhesive backing. This saves time and effort on getting paper drywall tape to stay in place while coating it with joint compound at the same time. However, as with any drywall tape, mesh tape needs to be held taut and straight before letting any of it adhere to a wall joint. Uneven and loose mesh drywall tape will pit easily.

Wall Joints

Mesh tape manufacturers do not recommended using mesh tape on interior wall joints, as it is difficult to install correctly as described above. Paper tape is still the most hassle-free option for this part of the wall. Not only does poorly applied mesh tape in a wall joint cause pitting, but it can also cause the drywall in and around the angle to crack, leading to a time consuming drywall repair job.


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