Common Fiber Content for Designer Upholstery Fabrics Common Fiber Content for Designer Upholstery Fabrics

Designer upholstery fabric is popular choice for modern décor as it is found in a huge variety of patterns and colors. The fabric that covers your furniture determines the way the chair, or other piece of furniture, looks and feels as well as influencing the style of the room it sits in. The fabric covering of a piece of furniture is often the most expensive part of the piece so expensive designer fabric often means top-class to most people. 

What is Upholstery Fabric?

Upholstery fabric is heavy-duty fabric that is used on furniture and other items that experience daily wear and tear. These fabrics are also used in projects that need a heavier fabric to work well, like wall hangings, and curtains. Upholstery fabrics have a tight weave which adds to the strength. 

What is Designer Upholstery Fabric?

Designer fabric is to regular fabric, like designer shoes are to supermarket shoes. Although it is easy for any fabric retailer to call any fabric a designer fabric to get it off the shelves, real designer fabrics often have a limited production run and are specially designed for a niche market. Some fabric designers are popular and their fabric designs are sought after for specific purposes.

People tend to choose designer fabric for special occasions or places so that there is a much smaller chance that someone else has the same fabric. When looking for designer fabric, try small, designer shops where you will get a better range of these fabrics. 

Designer Upholstery Fabric Fibers

Designer upholstery fabrics come in all the popular fibers that are found in run-of-the-mill upholstery fabrics. The materials designer fabrics are made from are often more expensive than regular fabric and will last longer with the same wear. One of the the things you must be aware of is that some expensive fabrics like embroidered ones do not wear well.

Plant fibers—heavy-duty cotton fabrics like canvas and denim is a common fabric

Animal fibers—wool can be durable, but many people are afraid of it so it is not often used in designer fabrics.

Leather—this is a tough covering but is not often used as a designer covering due to not being able to be printed in the same way as other fabrics.

Synthetic fibers—There are a huge number of synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, rayon and vinyl. Synthetics are often blended with natural fibers for better wear. 

Patterns and Colors

The main reason people choose designer upholstery fabric is because they come in so many colors and patterns. These can be used to compliment any room style and also your own personality. With an innumerable choice of florals, patterns and stripes in any combination of color, you can find a fabric to cover any sofa or chair to your satisfaction. The colors and patterns is often why designer fabrics are more expensive, they are specially designed. 

The Most Popular Designer Upholstery Fabrics

The most popular designer fabrics are bold colors and big floral patterns. Although fads and styles change from year to year, upholstery fabrics do not change so frequently, as most people cannot afford to have furniture reupholstered regularly. This means that designer upholstery fabrics often come in patterns that are timeless.

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