Common Hot Tub Problems and their Solutions

There are a number of common hot tub problems, and each has its own unique solution. Regular hot tub maintenance plays a very large role in maintaining the longevity and optimal performance of your spa.

PH and Sanitizer Levels

The PH level and sanitizer level can easily fall out of whack if you are not performing your daily maintenance on your hot tub. If the water quality is not right in your hot tub, your health can actually be jeopardized, so this is an important consideration. You need to run a test of the water every single day to make sure that everything is the way that it should be.

If either of these levels requires adjusting, you need to take the time to input the right additive. This will prevent a number of problems associated with poor PH or poor sanitizer levels including skin irritation, stinky water, cloudiness in the water, corrosion, mineral build up and also scaling.


If you do not regularly clean your filters, you can encounter problems with scaling and filter build up issues. These issues are much more annoying to deal with when they become a long-standing problem so it would be wise to deal with them beforehand as part of your regular preventative maintenance plan. You can remove the main filters for the hot tub a few times a year, or every month if you can remember to, and simply run them through your ordinary dish washer cycle with cold water. Most primary filters can also be hand washed in the kitchen sink or shower.

Poor Water Quality

Poor water quality can come about for a number of reasons, but no matter what is causing it, it needs to be dealt with. You should be putting foam reducer in your spa very few weeks in order to deal with the foam, and you should be shocking the system with sanitizer every week and replacing the water every few months or so. You should also treat your spa water with a de-scaling agent every two to three months as well to keep mineral build up from occurring over time.

If you live in a region where there is a high mineral content or a high calcium content in the water, then treating the spa water with a de-scaling agent is even more important because mineral build up will be much more likely in the walls of your tub, the hoses and even in the pumps as well. All of these things are capable of negatively impacting the quality of your hot tub's water and the machinery that keeps your hot tub working as well.