Common Household Uses for Rosemary

The sharp taste and piney scent of rosemary makes it a favorite herb for cooking, however there are a number of other household uses for this versatile herb.

Cooking with Rosemary

Adding rosemary to stews or sauces couldn't be easier - just drop in the whole sprig. The leaves will fall off the stem on their own. Remove the stem before serving.

You can also make rosemary-flavored olive oil. Stick a sprig into a small bottle of olive oil, making sure the sprig is completely submerged. Let the bottle sit in a dark place for about a week, then fish out the rosemary sprig and use as you would regular olive oil.

Cleaning with Rosemary

To make a natural disinfectant spray, mix a half-cup of borax into a gallon of hot water. Add a few sprigs of rosemary and let steep for ten minutes. Strain out the rosemary, let cool, and store in a spray bottle.

For a natural scouring powder, combine a half-cup each of baking soda and borax with a tablespoon of crumbled dried rosemary.

Rosemary also makes a natural flea repellant. Add a half cup chopped rosemary to a quart of boiling water, let cool, then strain out the rosemary. Spray onto your pet's fur and let dry.

Decorating with Rosemary

A small pot of rosemary on your windowsill is not just handy - it's a natural air freshener, and it's attractive!