Common Mistakes to Avoid when Growing Lemongrass

If you are looking to plant lemongrass in your yard, greenhouse or garden you won’t be disappointed with the results and its many uses. Lemongrass is a type of grass and is native to Asia. Lemongrass is commonly referred to as cymbopogon citratus. Lemongrass is sometimes difficult to find. Once you do find it and plant it, there are some common mistakes to avoid. Avoiding these mistakes will allow you to take full advantage of the lemongrass.

Planting Lemongrass in the Right Location

One of the most common mistakes when choosing lemongrass is planting it in the wrong location. This plant requires full sunlight or it will not survive. Lemongrass comes from a tropical climate and so it thrives best under the sun with frequent misting and regular watering. The lemongrass also requires good drainage so this needs to be considered when planting.

Once you have the right spot for the lemongrass, remember how tall it will grow; sometimes to six feet or more depending on the type. Therefore, plant it behind other ornamentals or perennials that are shorter.

Purchasing Healthy Lemongrass

Another common mistake to avoid is when you purchase lemongrass. You can find lemongrass available at some Asian markets or online and at specialty garden shops. However, when you choose lemongrass it’s important to remember to purchase stalks that are thick and pale or light green in color. The leaves of the lemongrass should be wrapped tight to avoid curling and drying up. Purchasing lemongrass in the right condition will allow it to grow to its fullest potential.

Understand How to Utilize Lemongrass

Lemongrass has so many uses it is best to research them before you plant. Not utilizing lemongrass is another common mistake that is made. You can use lemongrass to cook with. It is often used in Thai food recipes as well as Vietnamese and other Asian dishes. Different parts of the plant are used for different types of cooking so be sure to follow what the recipe calls for.

Lemongrass is popular for its medicinal and natural health related uses. It has strong antiviral and antiseptic properties. There are books and sources online where you can learn the best ways to use lemongrass in a healing way. Along the same lines is the aromatic benefit of lemongrass. Aroma therapists use lemongrass as an essential oil. It is often mixed with other essential oils to create the right fragrance for individual healing purposes. It does take special knowledge to use the lemongrass as an essential oil source but it can be done.

There are also cosmetic and perfume uses for lemongrass which also take special knowledge. It is used quite extensively in this arena so it is worth investigating.

No matter where you plant the lemongrass or how you decide to use it, being aware of its many purposes will help you decide how best to incorporate it into your life. Perhaps you will even decide to simply enjoy its fragrance close to your patio door.