Common Problems and Solutions for a Central Air Conditioning Unit Common Problems and Solutions for a Central Air Conditioning Unit

A central air conditioning unit can make all the difference in comfort indoors. This is especially true during hot, humid weather which is typical of the summer. The unit cools and dehumidifies air to create a cleaner atmosphere indoors. The air conditioning unit is one of those household appliances you want to work perfectly at all times. However, your unit can fail when you least expect it. It helps if you have some knowledge of common problems and solutions for the unit. However, always make sure that the power to the unit is turned off before you troubleshoot.

Unit Fails to Turn On

This can be caused when the circuit breaker trips. Check the electrical panel to determine if this is the case. You need to flip the switch to restart the system if you detect a circuit problem. The unit may also fail to turn on due to power unavailability. Check the switches both outside and inside and switch on where necessary. Additionally, if the thermostat is at the wrong setting, the unit will fail to turn on. Ensure that the thermostat is set to “Cool” and not “Heat” or “Off”.

No Cool Air

Sometimes your air conditioning unit will function but you won’t feel the cooling effect. It could be caused by a clogged filter which restricts air flow. It is a good idea to change your filters once every month. You should also check for dirt on the outside and inside of the unit. Dirt and debris, especially on the condenser cover outside, must be cleaned. If you spot dirt on the condenser and evaporator coils you must also clean these.

Unusual Noise

Every air conditioning unit has a characteristic sound. However, sometimes the unit may emit an unusual noise when operational. One possibility is a dislodged fan belt. If you spot a belt out of place, put it back properly. It is also possible that the bearings in the compressor are in need of lubrication. If worn out, you need to arrange for replacements. The unit may also rattle loudly when turned off. This is due to the high power output of the compressor which can cause the unit to shake if support is unavailable or inadequate. Check the compressor mounting pads as they may be worn out. Replace if necessary.

Leaking Unit

Water may leak from the unit inside the house. If left unattended, this can lead to mold and mildew. Leakage can also damage your carpet and floor. Remove the cover from the unit and check for wear and tear on the drip pan and drain. If you detect leakage on either you need to replace the part. A blockage in the drain could also interfere with proper water flow. Clear any dirt that may have clogged the drain. It is also possible that ice has formed inside the unit. Thaw out any ice you spot inside the appliance.

Compressor Fails to Run

Check the compressor terminals. One or more may have burnt off. Remove all burnt terminals and replace with new ones.

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