Common Problems in Roof Ventilation Systems

Having a proper roof ventilation system is very important in a house because it would mean a lot especially with regards to your roof and house’s lifespan, the comfort of your home and many others. The most common problem of a poorly ventilated roof is that moisture and heat can get trapped in the roof, leading to several problems. There are also instances when problems on roof vents that are already severe can be mistaken for a leak in the roof. The importance of having good roof ventilation will be discussed further in detail below as well as problems of a poorly ventilated roof.

Spongy and Sagging Decking

Sumps between rafters can set in after a few years especially if the house has a poor roof ventilation system. Moisture from everyday chores such as doing the dishes, taking a bath, doing the laundry and others can add up to the moisture circulating inside the house. Add to it the atmospheric moisture and moisture caused by the constant change in temperature. These will, in time, add up to the deterioration of the adhesives and plywood in your ceiling and rafters.

Aside from this, frost can also cause formation of water droplets in your roof due to poor ventilation. Warm air inside the house can condense once it is cooled by the frost in your roof. These water droplets can drip inside your attic, causing further damage.

Growth of Molds and Mildew

The moisture being absorbed by the house’s ceiling will be conducive for growth of molds and mildew. The growth of molds can cause illnesses such as respiratory problems. Molds can also transfer to the stored items in your attic, destroying old photos, clothing and other precious and sentimental items.

Ice Dams

Ice dams are created when warm air inside the house melts the snow on the roof and then the melted water is turned to ice once it is frozen by the cold weather. This causes a kind or damn on the edge of your roof which prevents water from running off the roof. The trapped water on the roof can penetrate the shingles of your roof which will eventually lead to a leaky roof.  One way to eliminate this type of problem is to have a properly ventilated and insulated roof in order to eliminate the melting and freezing process of water.

Rusting of Metal

Water vapor will always condense first on metal and this leaves metal frameworks of roofs vulnerable to oxidation or rusting.  This weakens the metal thrusts, joints and nails of the roof and may cause the collapse of venting or plumbing straps. This scenario is usually common in humid areas such as the tropics.

Air Conditioner Expenses and replacements

If the house’s roof is poorly ventilated, this may cause hot air to be trapped inside your house, making it feel like an oven. If you are using air conditioner in your home to alleviate the hotness of your house, your poor ventilation system will cause the air conditioner to work harder just to cool a room, compared to a well ventilated house. This in turn raises your energy expenditure.