Common Problems with a Gun Cabinet

Before you install a gun cabinet, consider that it must be secure not only from children in your home, but from potential intruders as well. This type of cabinet is more than just a storage locker. Read on to learn about and consider several issues and common problems involving gun cabinets.

Location of the Gun Cabinet

Where you have your gun cabinet really depends on the purpose of the cabinet. If you are a collector, you may want your guns on display, even if they are non-working. With this in mind, a gun cabinet can be placed in any location where it can be seen.

On the other hand, if you wish to be safe, you should position your gun cabinet away from any common area in the home. If you have a standing cabinet, consider storing your guns inside the closet behind the clothes. If you have one that can be laid down, it should be able to be slid under the bed with ease.

Attaching a Gun Cabinet

This may seem like a drastic measure, but if you have several firearms, many burglars will jump at the chance to take them all. Instead of removing locks or breaking glass, they may simply remove the entire cabinet. In no circumstances should this be an easy task. Make sure your gun cabinet is up against a load-bearing wall and a secured to a stud. Use rawbolts and a high-powered drill to screw the gun cabinet into the wall.

Locks on the Cabinet

A good pair of bolt cutters will easily break through a key lock or hanging combination. Instead of purchasing one of these, opt for a combination lock built into the cabinet. You not only keep the lock from being tampered with, but make it near impossible to crack the combination.

If you can not install a built-in lock, consider a keted lock made from titanium. This metal is very strong and will withstand most conventional bolt cutters. Be sure to store your key in a safe place, out of reach of children.

Door Glass

Normal glass will not deter a burglar trying to get your guns. Instead of the standard fare, install bulletproof glass in the door of the cabinet. This is nearly impossible to break or even dislodge.

Gun Tethers

You can take many safety precautions, but still run the risk of guns being stolen. A simple solution is to tether guns to eye hooks embedded into the top and bottom of the cabinet. Combination bike locks make great tethers because they are inexpensive, made out of metal cable and come with their own built-in security measures. With these in place your guns will stay put.