Common Problems with Carport Kits Common Problems with Carport Kits

Fortunately there are not many wide spread problems with carport kits. The manufacturers go to great lengths to ensure that the customer has everything that they need in order to properly and securely construct their do it yourself kit. Some of the problems that can occur are listed below.

Bent Support Posts

If your carport kit arrives with a bent support post you will need to contact the manufacturer for a replacement post. Sometimes the kits get damaged in shipping due to improper packing or rough handling. Do not construct your cover with bent posts. This will jeopardize the integrity of the structure.

Missing or Broken Hardware

It is possible that you will be missing hardware when a carport kit arrives. Most of the hardware will be neatly packed in one or two separate bags or boxes. The instructions will clearly state what you need and how many that are included. It is very rare for the kits to be missing hardware. A lot of companies actually include extra hardware to make up for any that might be damaged during installation or shipping.

Missing Parts

All carport kits come with pre-measured and prefabricated parts. This is what makes them a great do it yourself project. If any of these parts or pieces are missing, then you will not be able to successfully build the structure. While you are waiting for the manufacturer to send the missing piece you can put together what you can without the missing part.

Too Long to Build

Do it yourself carport kits give a recommended amount of time that the structure should take to assemble. If the person assembling the kit is unfamiliar with how to use tools or how the structure should look than there could be some time added to these estimations. On the other hand if a person is very skilled and has put together these kits in the past than the odds of it taking the time recommended is low. They will more than likely finish the project quickly. The times given are just estimates and considerations should be made for skill levels.

Needed More Help Than Recommended

The instructions said that you only will need two people to put up the carport building but you ended up using four. This is the same as the time issue. If you have four people helping that are new to constructing it is very possible to have only two people put a kit together who are knowledgeable in construction.

Directions Not Included or Damaged

This actually might be one of the more common problems of a do it yourself kit. If the instructions are not packaged properly than it is very possible they can be damaged by the goods. If you receive a kit without instructions or ones that you cannot read then call the company and have them send them to you. They should be able to fax or e mail them to you so that you do not have to wait for the mail to bring them.

Carport kits do not generally have many problems but in the case that you have problems with yours then customer service of the manufacturer should be able to help you solve any problem.

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