Common Problems with Formica Flooring

Formica flooring is a popular floor covering option. It is inexpensive, durable and stylish. There are some disadvantages to formica flooring. Be sure to consider these in order to make the best decision for your needs.

Floor Marks

Formica flooring has a top layer that is relatively thin. High traffic areas can become worn over time. Scuff marks can develop over this worn area. It is important to keep formica clean and to lay rugs in high traffic areas for protection.

Water Damage

Formica can swell if any water is left on it. The swelling damage is permanent, and the flooring will need replacement. It is important to clean up all spills as quickly as possible. Clean the floors with a mop that has all of the excess water squeezed from it. Avoid using formica in bathrooms, where there is a great deal of moisture.

Unmatched Sheets

Formica is available in many different colors, designs and patterns. The patterned sheets of formica can become difficult to align on the floor. You may need to purchase an extra amount of the product to be able to match the sheets properly. This could add up to ten percent to your material costs.