Common Problems with Limestone Sealer Common Problems with Limestone Sealer

Limestone sealers are used for protecting the limestone and increase its longevity. A limestone sealer also helps to maintain the limestone easily and prevents any moisture, dirt and acidic substance from coming in direct contact with the limestone. Despite all the advantages the limestone sealers have few common problems.

Natural Colour of the Limestone is Lost

If you are coating the limestone with a sealer then the natural beauty and the colour of the limestone is somewhat altered. The sealers can cause the limestone to turn a bit yellowish.

Increases Maintenance Cost

Using the sealers, maintenance becomes easy but at the same time the maintenance cost in more. The limestone sealers are softer than limestone and so it can be easily damaged or a part of the sealer may come off. After this you have to use many chemicals for removing it and you have to replace the entire sealer. This turns out to be expensive and also while you are removing the sealer the limestone can get damaged. When limestone is used in walls and for other indoor purpose you do not need to use the sealer as there is a very less chance of the limestone getting damaged. Limestone without sealer can be also cleaned easily using an ordinary cleaner.

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