Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs Made Easy Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs Made Easy

Sliding glass door repairs are not as difficult as they sometimes seem. The biggest problem is with the lack of available information on how to perform repairs.

The Most Common Sliding Glass Door Repairs

The most common sliding glass door repair is replacing the rollers. Rollers on sliding glass doors wear out through use and because of debris caught in the track. To repair the rollers perform the following steps:

  1. Remove the door from the track. This varies from door to door but typically involves lifting it up and off the track from the bottom. Some models use screws in the top rollers to hold the door in place. You should get help for this step.
  2. Take the rollers off and take them to a local hardware store. Match them up with new rollers. However many you need for the door double. This way if you break one or need another later you won’t have to go again.
  3. Clean the track thouroughly. Use a vacuum to suck up loose debris then spray WD-40 on the track and allow it to soak in. Use a pick to clean off the stuck on debris and wipe clean. When you are finished the track should be spotless.
  4. Install the new rollers on the door and reattach the door to the frame.

Another common sliding glass repair is tightening the handle screws. This can be especially prevalent on heavy doors with a handle bar. Retighten the screws anytime they appear even slightly loose to help prevent stripping.

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