Common Weed Eater Edger Problems Common Weed Eater Edger Problems

A weed eater edger is a great tool to have in you garden shed. They can make it simple to keep your landscaping pristine. They are prone to some problems. Most of them can be easily fixed without professional assistance. If you are experiencing problems with your weed eater edger, here are a few things to check.

Blades Become Dull

A common problem with these devices is the blades can wear down quickly. This is especially true if you are subjecting it to non-ideal mowing conditions. Grass that is too high and thick shrubs can cause problems. Make sure the edger is powered down and cool to touch, and check the blade. You can generally purchase a replacement blade or have the current blade sharpened.

Blade Mechanism Gets Jammed

Another problem with many of these tools is the blade mechanism can become jammed. Most models will retract the blade when the handle is released for safety. It's the same concept as a lawnmower powering off when the t-bar is released. Since the blade will actually retract, the mechanism that retracts the blade can become rusted or stuck. If this happens, turn off the power and check the mechanism. Most often it just needs to be oiled for the blade to release properly.

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