How to Organize a Community Garage Sale How to Organize a Community Garage Sale

A community garage sale can create a big turnout and a chance to sell a lot of your garage sale items. You can take part in a neighborhood garage sale or one thrown by an organization.

Step 1-Who Will Participate?

Decide if you are in the community garage sale by yourself, with other family members, or with a group.

Step 2-Determine What Type of Community Garage Sale

In a neighborhood garage sale each family can individually set up garage sale items at their own home. Many buyers enjoy community garage sale because they like the convenience of not having to get in and out of the car.

Large garage sales thrown by church groups, school clubs, or a sports team are a good way to raise money. Many people are attracted to community garage sales where a variety of items are provided with the added bonus of helping others.

Step 3-Choose a Location for Your Community Garage Sale

The garage sale can be at your home, a designated place in your neighborhood, church or school.

Step 4-Advertising a Community Garage Sale

Start advertising at least two to four weeks before the date of your garage sale. Place an ad in the local paper along with posting fliers and signs. The cost of the advertising can be split among those participating in the community garage sale.


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