Companion Plants to Complement Your Gardenias Companion Plants to Complement Your Gardenias

Gardenias are evergreen shrubs with dark green waxy leaves with very fragrant blooms. A popular single blossom variety is Kleim's Hardy. This variety has star-shaped flowers, a wonderful fragrance and is frost-tolerant, which makes it a favorite of many gardeners.

When looking for complementary plants for your Kleim's Hardy or other gardenias consider color, height, contrasting or similar characteristics. Choosing from an assortment of plants will give your garden eye appeal. Also consider the possible functions of your gardenias in your garden.

Gardenia Functions

Use a combination of single and double blossom gardenias (such as Chuck Hayes) to complement each other in a border planting along a walkway. These gardenias will provide fragrance for you to enjoy as you walk along. Or, use gardenias as foundation plants to provide greenery, fragrance, highlight and color around your home.

Your gardenias can be used to skirt leggy plants, such as roses. Planted in a circle around or in front of the largely unattractive stems, the evergreen gardenia provides a nice complement to your roses.

Similar Characteristics

You can plant your gardenias with other shade-loving plants such as the cast iron plant, begonias, impatiens, ferns and philodendrons or with other shade-loving shrubs such as honeysuckle or viburnum. These combinations provide size and color contrast.

Plant your gardenias with shade-loving hostas or crotons with their variegated color foliage, with other acid-loving plants such as azaleas and rhododendrons or with star jasmine that has a similar fragrance.

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